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Homerun Battle 3D (Android)

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Homerun Battle 3D Credits


DirectorMinyoung Jung
Game DesignSeokyoon Park, Jinho Kim, Rocky Lee
Graphic DesignJunghye Min, Wonjun Choi, Seunggoo Kang, Sunghoon Kim, Dami Park, Woojin Yoon, Juwon Suh, Insu Jin, Hyejin Kim
ProgrammingKyoungjin Heo, Kyoungjin Chi, Jungin Lee, Jaemyung Jung, Changhoon Lee, Haebom Lee
ServerSeungho Lee, Ilku Park, Jonghyun Seong
SoundYoungjun Seo, JinSung Kim
QAWoomin Jeong, Seokjin Hong, Joohyung Ryu, Taehyong Kim, Sangho Cho, Donghwan Ryu
MarketingAndrew Park, Joonwoo Koo, Don Lim, Soohyun Park
Special thanks to the 25 Super SluggersAaron, Adam Kolb, Andy Liu, Cameron Dark, Daniel Marshall, Daniel Uhm, Daren, Eric Pankoke, Grant, Jeff, Jon S., Michael Meyers, Matt Silva, Met Burra, Nacho, OJ, Paul S., Ryan Watson, Ryeley Kuykendall, Tim Harding, Wil Turner, Rashad, Bryan Simonson, Jesse Solotoff, Trent Taylor

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