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Legend of the Cryptids (Android)

Legend of the Cryptids Screenshots

Android version

Opening cinematic
Title screen
Yvette, some sort of forest spirit, will be your guide.
First card, looks like a good pick.
Battling some mummies, and a demon.
Mummies are full of coins!
Found me a succubus. A graphic design direction found on a lot of cards...
A bit of tutorial.
The evolved succubus. Most evolutions involve a mirroring visual.
Level up!
Boss Battle! The toasty Minotaur.
Boss battling screen.
Yvette wants to test you herself.
Character Battle screen.
Dignified holy day garb.
Item screen
Reading a card description....
Artwork for a colossal demon.
Card packs are opened and distinguished from each other by the halls in which they are summoned.
A new earth card.
Selecting a quest.
Point assignment.
Special event story.
Planet Ruler Valentinians
Attacking some forest monsters with my leviathan.
Two of four cards found in this part of the quest.
A final evolved state
The Nemean lion is a fearsome foe, having a bad mane day.
Some aliens show up from central casting.
Lava king
Evolved form of said pixie.
Starting another trip into the forest...