Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion Credits

Android Adaptation

ProducerMaxim Matyash
ProgrammingVladimir Davidovich
Art DirectorVsevolod Chernushevich (ìMorbidî)
ArtistAndrey Stadnik
QA LeadElena Teplenko
TestersAndrey Vlasenkov, Daria Chernyavskaya, Kseniya Goncharenko, Konstantin Makarovskiy, Maxim Plechenko


CEOVlad Suglobov
COOAlexander Tabunov
CFOSergey Shultz
Development DirectorNikita Gerasimov

Big Blue Bubble Inc.

Executive ProducerDamir Sloggar
ProducerJason Willis
Technical DirectorJeremy Parker
Lead ProgrammerKailey Joanette
ProgrammerWes Weldrick
Lead ArtistBirgit Shulz
StoryJason Willis
Sound DesignTomislav Slogar
Additional SoundsDavid Kerr
Lead Quality AssuranceMatt Bremner
Quality AssuranceDavid Mikula, Wayne Jefferson, Andrew Zoretic, Goran Mamika

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (194137)