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Loading / Title screen
Touch the ghostly cherry and delicious real ones will vanish. What cruel spirits haunt the paths we wander.
Bad weather, with a chance of crows.
Out for a stroll in the country...
Mr. Legs playing piano, he is just learning! His technique is mostly boccafeggio.
Perfect playthrough
Moving on up! This hat should lend Mr. Legs a fitting air of respectability.
What a respectable pianist!
How low can you go, Mr. Legs?
A desolate city - population: 38 cherries
A pill will speed up Mr. Legs - it looks like he has four legs.
Of course, more pills means greater speed...
The first stage... a desert.
You deserve the smile, old boy!
Going with the flow of aerial traffic.
Aw! Crows can really take a bite out of ones cherries.
Mr. Legs loses some teeth in a terrifying accident with explosives.
Milestones suggest how many sections remain in the track you are on. Miles are rather an easy proposition for Mr. Legs.