Pac-Man: Championship Edition Credits

BANDAI NAMCO Games Romania SRL: Production Staff

COOCristian Dragomir
ProducerIonel Petcu
EngineeringCristian Udrea, Daniel Razvan Cotojman, Ovidiu Adrian Palade, Irina-Alexandra Grigore
GraphicsAlexandra Ujeuca, Alina Popovici
QA ManagerLiviu Vladu
QAIonut Postolache, Victor Neagu, Florin Zanfir, Angel-Gabriel Nastase, Marius-Costin Ene

BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.: Testing and Support Staff

Customer SupportMarco Mah
Special Thanks toKenji Hisatsune, Phoenix Valencia, Mark Walker, Bogdan Alexandru Dinulica
Produced byBANDAI NAMCO Games Romania SRL

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