Rising Empires (Android)

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Written by  :  Johan Jönsson (66)
Written on  :  Feb 01, 2014
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Popular leader takes the citizen to war, gains disgruntled slaves and riches.

The Good

Slow-paced and empathetic, you have all time you need to plan the improvements for your population and also time to react when things start to change.

It is a civilization-game; the cultural advances and the improvements they give are well described and quite easy to get a grasp on.

The auto-generated map is well done and seem to make sense. The best part being the alternate Netherworld with cave openings sparsely spread over the continent.

The different races also makes sense, they are different and it is noticeable. The popularity-scheme is well done and the angry population in conquered cities gives a nice touch.

The Bad

Apparently it is in the genre called 4X, and I don´t like the description of that. -Explore, that is fun and it is probably wise to know your surroundings but other than that I don´t see any gain in making contact with other nations. -Expand, well that could be good, I don´t see any real reason to expand though. Some of the settlements will get over-crowded so population move is necessary but it rarely is any need for expansion. -Exploit doesn't sound very nice and I can not see what I am supposed to exploit. I do develop the lands around but it seems to be an endless resource so far. -Exterminate is just plain wrong, but I understand that it is the best way to treat competition if there is no benefit in co-existing. Why one would make a game this complicated and not having benefits from exchange with other nations is beyond me.

The Bottom Line

This game id for those that like to take care of your people and make life better for them, you get your town and some tools to evolve it. Each turn you can move your units around, if they are not already where you want them. Every other turn your settlements have made an improvement and it is time for you to choose a new one, even more sparsely your nation have made a discovery and then you choose how to develop from there. Eventually you will turn the game into a slow-paced war game where you maneuver your troops around to achieve whatever your goals are, defense, killing of enemy troops or invasion. In the war part you will use your discoveries to design your own brand of units, you got much to choose from. Maybe a 4X-game but more of a Develop followed by War game.