The Serpent of Isis Credits

Big Fish Games

Developed byEmmanuel Marty
S.C.U.B.A. Game EngineEmmanuel Marty
Senior Mobile ProducerMax Thornton
ProducerMark Janecka
Quality Assurance LeadBrenden Monroe
Quality Assurance TestingEric Hang, James M. Costello, Kory O'Daniels
Executive ProducerPatrick Wylie

Additional programming by BitRabbit

CodingJoseph White, Michael El Baki
GraphicsBertrand Dupuy

A game by Gamgo, Inc

Idea & ConceptAndreas Schneider, Sandra Pieper
ProductionAndreas Schneider
DevelopmentAndreas Schneider
Background ArtworkAndreas Schneider, David Thany, Sandra Pieper
Character ArtworkVictoria Ying
Music Composing & Sound DesignNoyzz Toyzz
Location ResearchSandra Pieper
Quality AssuranceAndreas Schneider, Sandra Pieper, Jochem Schneider, Tobias Becker, Thomas Schäfer
Special ThanksSandra Pieper, Patrice Krysztofiak, Tobias Becker, Allen Stern, Anton Emdin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204712)