Zynga controversy

Tiny Tower became quite a hit game when it was released in the AppStore, and was even awarded App of the Year 2011. The developer Zynga Game Network Inc. took note of this and approached Nimblebit about acquiring the company. Nimblebit turned down the offer. Zynga then decided that if you can't buy them, copy them... so they started developing the game Dream Heights, a game with striking similarities to Tiny Tower. Nimblebit took notice of this and posted a picture of comparisons between the games on Twitter, thanking Zynga for letting them be an inspiration to them in a very mocking tone.

As if this wasn't enough, Nimblebit even added a mission in the game called "Beware of dog", where the description text is as follows: "After failing to buy your tower, a rival developer would like the following: 13,500 Tower Design (Architect office), 4,500 City Sim (Game Studio)". The title is an obvious reference to Zynga, who's name is taken from the founder of the company's dog (and they also use a red dog in the logo of the company). It's probably not an accident that the little Bitizen next to the mission is depicted as the devil... (see iPhone screenshots for the images of this mission).

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