Where's My Water? Screenshots (Android)

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Android version

Title screen
Intro: according to the urban legend...
...There are crocodiles under the city!
Intro: Swampy is the most pleasant one of them
Chapter select screen
Level select screen
Starting the game
That's the way we do it!
The more you pour the higher it grows, so you'll learn to avoid the green
Purple acid. Clean water is wasted here.
"Pulling the trigger"
Water physics
Greenish acid eats up the ground
All items in the collection have humorous descriptions
Swampy is a cute guy
Gotta be super-cautious here
Bonus level gameplay
Cranky appears in some levels
When purple and green acids meet they go boom!
Guiding the steam through the dirt
Steam-to-water and back againg
In-game menu
Need to safely transport this water-filled balloon
Steam-filled balloon
Cranky's Story
Cranky's level select screen
You need to get acid to Cranky
Excellent! (Cranky style)
Cranky's challenges list
You can trigger Cranky's challenges in Swampy's campaign
Japanese title screen
Updated title screen
Updated content - levels of the week
New hero - Allie
Allie's levels play a bit differently, you need to get the steam for her musical instrument
New hero - Mystery duck
Mystery Duck's levels are simply reused Swampy's levels, but with varying number and patterns of rubber ducks for some extra challenge