World of Goo Credits (Android)

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World of Goo Credits


DesignKyle Gabler
StoryKyle Gabler
ArtKyle Gabler
MusicKyle Gabler
ProductionRon Carmel
ProgrammingRon Carmel, Allan Blomquist
QAPaul Hubans
Production AssociatePaul Hubans
Android ProgrammingGil Carmel
Special ThanksDan Adelman (and the Mushroom Knights), Experimental Friends, Kyle Gray, Shalin Shodhan, Matt Kucic, Jesse Schell, Drew Davidson, Randy Pausch, Aaron Isaksen, Amin Ebadi, Flashbang Boys, IndieBiz, Maks Verver, Beta Testers and Forum Peepz, DavidC and the GooFans, The Goo Balls who didn't make it, Dr. Noopur, Aba ve Ima, Mom and Dad, Madonna the Cat, Robert Ramirez (as Goo Ball #1)

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