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Yesterday (Android)

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Yesterday Credits

Pendulo Studios

Project DirectorRamón Hernáez
Clown In‑ChiefJosué Monchan
StoryRamón Hernáez, Josué Monchan
DesignRamón Hernáez, Josué Monchan
DialoguesJosué Monchan
Programming DirectorFelipe Gómez Pinilla
ProgrammingJavier García de la Cita, Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz, Alberto González López
Art DirectorRafael Latiegui
BackgroundsXimo Ferrer, David Puerta, Alberto Lozano
ColorDavid Puerta, Ximo Ferrer, Albert Lozano
GraphismRafael Latiegui
Character DesignAlberto Lozano, Carlos Hernandez (ka)
ModelingAlberto Lozano, Carlos Capone, Carlos Hernandez (ka)
SetupCarlos Hernandez (ka)
Character AnimationCarlos Hernandez (ka), Alberto Lozano
Environment AnimationCarlos Capone
StoryboardAlberto Lozano
Video IntegrationRafael Latiegui
MusicJuan Miguel Martín Muñoz
SoundJuan Miguel Martín Muñoz
CollaboratorsBone Studio, Alfonso Salazar, Igor Heras, Ángel Luis González Romero
Thanks toDamien Mauric, Miki Montlló, Belinda Clark, Juan Gea, Isa and Álex, María and Diego, Laura and Pablo, That girl, República indie de los sauces, Amelia, Antonio Puerta, Núria Altés, Fabien and Thierry, Torque and Gómez, Douglas, Rake, Pilar, David and Laura
And Of CourseTo our families - friends and all those who made possible these 18 first years of Pendulo Studios.


John YesterdayDouglas Rand
Henry WhiteMatthew Geczy
Samuel CooperAndy Chase
Pauline PetitSharon Mann
ChokeSteve Gadler
NGO DirectorMirabel Kirkland
BorisDavid Gasman
GingerMirabel Kirkland
Elaine YesterdayJody Forest
LoriMirabel Kirkland
Olhak AdirfDouglas Rand
Doctor BennettDouglas Rand
Inquisition SpokesmanDavid Gasman
Albert FontaineNathan Rippy
Brian BascoAndy Chase
Jean‑Paul PetitSteve Gadler
The Poet of PainDouglas Rand
Instructor HartJerome Di Giacomo
Ginés de OrdunñaSteve Gadler
Sect MembersMatthew Geczy, Nathan Rippy, Douglas Rand, David Gasman, Andy Chase
English TranslationCatherine Dexter
Recorded atExequo
Artistic DirectorDouglas Rand
Project ManagerGuillaume Capitan
Artistic Audio LeadMuriel Bonfils
Artistic Audio AssistantChloé Vassallo
Technical Audio LeadRichard Saadat
Sound Engineering & Post-ProcessingLaurent Jimenez, Morgan Conan Guez
Sound Engineer AssistantHugo Rams


COOVincent Dondaine
Product ManagerThomas Nicolet
International PR ManagerAlexandra Vialardi
Assistant Product ManagerSébastien Milloux
PR AssistantArnaud Jarry

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (128325)