Android Screenshots (Atari 8-bit)

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Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Title screen, with very broken English
Start of the game, presumably right after our android is deployed through that big hole
Shooting at some ruffians
The black-and-white mode
Hopping up a ladder
This is how our hero dies: he just kinda... crouches and looks towards the screen.
One of the nicer locations
One of the parts we're looking for
Finding some ammo.
Jumping over enemy
No passage
3 helicopters
Passage to the lower level
Enemy in sight
Wrong way
Energy up stairs
Flying mixers
Tank and flying mixers
Crotch shoot
Enemy destroyed
Dead end
Surrounded by enemies
High jump
Jump shoot
UFO's and a tank
On the platform
UFO's raid
Moving down
Another missing part
3 ways to choose
No passage
Face to face
Empty chamber
Timing trial
Android killed