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Angband Screenshots

Android version

Splash screen
Generating a character
If you're happy with your character, let's begin
Roguelike overhead map!

Angband Screenshots

Atari ST version

Character creation
Starting the game

Angband Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Character Creation
Naming the Character
The Town
The first level of the dungeon--note the ant that's hard to see without cranking up the contrast.
Unless you use the number pad, you're going to see this message a lot.
Picking up items is as simple as walking over them and pressing Y.
The (M)ap Function
Those floating eyes are serious business!
Bob tried to mine for gold, but he didn't have the tools.
Every shop looks like this.
Bob slew the Mean Looking Mercenary!
Poor Bob, we hardly knew thee.

Angband Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Character creation
The created character and his background story.
Game beginning.
In-game help menu.
A merchant selling spells.
Another merchant.
The inventory.
In the dungeons. Found a broken dagger. Pick it up?
Game over! That was quick.
Old graphic
General store
Kill the Kobold!
Fruit bat
Floating eye