Ángel Nieto

Despite the game's title, Ángel Nieto never actually raced in the 500cc World Championsip, though he did win the Spanish championship in this class. His primary international success was in the 50cc and 125cc classes, though he also raced in 80cc (which was a direct replacement for the 50ccs) and in five 250cc races. He retired from racing in 1986, four years before the game was launched. He has subsequently been involved in team management, while his sons Angel Jr. and Pablo, and his nephew Fonsi, have also raced at world championship level.

Ángel Nieto died unexpectedly 3rd August, 2017 after his injuries from a quad accident the previous week took a turn for the worse. Nieto (70) had followed his sports resume with a popular career as a sports commentator.

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