Angelique Special 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-FX version

Intro: the new heroine
Alright, let's take a look...
New player in town?..
The good ol' Guardians
Title screen
Portraits are now bigger... and taller
Naming your heroine
Introducing the Guardians
And so it began...
Angelique in her room
Navigating the map
Here you can view the stats of the Guardians
Hmm, which one to choose?
At least this one doesn't look like a girl...
Place for intimate meetings. Guess it's too early
Nice park!
Let's grab a burger or somethin'
Some new Guardians around...
Let's see how we're doing!
Choosing which Guardian to visit
The moderately cool Guardian is here to help us
I hate to beg...
You can also ask them to damage your rival's land. Nice going, Angelique!

SEGA Saturn version

Intro: A magic item falls from above
Title screen
Getting introduced
Name entry
Angelique's room