Angelique Special Screenshots

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PC-FX version

Title screen
Intro movie
Shhh... I think I got a full house
Talking to Rosalia, your rival
Introducing the Guardians
Naming the heroine
Choosing your Zodiac sign
Let's take a tour...
Angelique in her room
Navigating the map
Visiting your rival, Rosalia. Just stick your tongue at her :)
Here you can view Guardians' statistics
Checking out how you're doing with the Guardians
One of the few Guardians who actually resemble a man... let's take a look at his stats
The perfect place for a romantic date... the only thing missing is the date
Tell me all you know, green dude
Here you can see how your land is doing, compared to the competition
Taking a stroll in the garden
Okay, which Guardian should we visit
The second more-or-less manly-looking Guardian. Not much choice, really...
Stars and cute angels, sure!
This is the manly ideal of Japanese women?! My God...