Angry Birds: Rio Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Chapter select screen
Level select screen
Chapter 1 - Smugglers' Den
Chapter 1 - Smugglers' Den. Strange contraption!
One of the new birds
Chapter 2 - Jungle Escape. Get those monkeys!
Chapter 2 - Jungle Escape. Boss fight.
Chapter 3 - Beach Volley.
Chapter 3 - Beach Volley. The dog plays his role too.
Chapter 4 - Carnival Upheaval.
Chapter 4 - Carnival Upheaval. Boss fight.
Chapter 5 - Airfield Chase.
Chapter 5 - Airfield Chase. Boss fight (sort of).
Chapter 6 - Smugglers' Plane.
Chapter 6 - Smugglers' Plane. Make room for this bird!
Chapter 6 - Smugglers' Plane. Boss fight.
Level failed
Level completed with a highscore
Chapter completed
Version 1.6.1. New Chapter added.
Version 1.6.1. Power-up store.
Version 1.6.1. New level select screen. There are now 4 unlockable levels in each chapter (see bottom of the screen)
Version 1.6.1. Market Mayhem gameplay
Version 1.6.1. Redesigned Awards room

iPad version

Title screen and menu
Episodes and Awards
Beach volley
New to the "Timber Tumble" levels?
Gameplay for the "Timber Tumble" including two new and changed "power-up" items

iPhone version

Title screen
Angry birds ready to launch...
A bird causing some destruction
A yellow bird in flight
The two blue birds are tied together
Hmm, this circus location looks tricky
Lots of destruction and points!
This type of bird can split into three small birds

Windows version

Title screen and menu
Episodes and Awards
This is where your collected bonuses are stored
Levels choosing
The angry birds are living happily with their eggs... (intro)
...until a cage falls down onto them and take them to where their adventure begins (intro)
The rest of the intro
Unlike the original Angry Birds, here you have to free the birds
And instead of the pigs dying, the birds fly out happily
The final score and rank
Meet the blue Angry Birds who have the ability to split into three
In-game menu
Even the instruction doesn't use any words to describe. You have to be familiar with the original Angry Birds to understand it
That's one kind of bonuses
Intro for the next episode
Now the objective is to smash all the monkeys
And we've got a new friend: the white egg-like bird who is able to throw egg-like bombs