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Android 7 4.0
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iPad 6 3.4
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Combined User Score 13 3.7

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iPhoneSoftonic (2010)
Angry Birds Seasons is a lovely Valentine's update to the popular series of games. Be warned though: it may be pretty but it's still tough!
AndroidGamerGen (Dec 09, 2011)
En conclusion, Angry Birds (toutes versions confondues), est très complet et très complexe aussi. Il offre une multitude de niveaux sur des thèmes très variés. Le jeu en général tourne sur une ambiance sonore très agréable, et en association avec le thème décalé et délirant du jeu. Hormis le fait qu'Angry Birds est un jeu en deux dimensions, il reste néanmoins un titre d'excellente qualité, autant par ses graphismes que par son moteur physique. En clair, c'est un jeu à télécharger de toute urgence, que vous ayez 70 ans, ou 7 ans, ce jeu est fait pour vous. De plus, pourquoi se priver, alors que ces trois jeux sont disponibles gratuitement sur l'Android Market ?
iPhoneCommon Sense Media (2010)
ANGRY BIRDS SEASONS isn't a true sequel to Angry Birds since gameplay is essentially the same except for the new seasonal themes (which include Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, and Valentine's Day). The 260 levels (plus bonus levels) are as challenging as ever and are an excellent value for players looking for an extra dose of Angry Birds fun. However, be warned that the app is saturated with ads for Angry Birds merchandise and other Angry Birds games, along with prompts to sign up for the developer's newsletter and social media feeds.
iPhoneApp Spy (Oct 21, 2010)
Angry Birds Halloween is exactly what it says on the box - it's Angry Birds with a Halloween theme; if you own the original this is an easy to recommend game, but if you don't it's best to start with Angry Birds instead.
70 (UK) (Oct 25, 2010)
Fair enough, it's very much more of the same, but when you've sold seven million copies worldwide, a cheap and cheerful level pack can't hurt. Unless you're in charge of the country.
iPhoneAppSafari (Oct 29, 2010)
This was a simple remake that really could have just been a theme change in the original Angry Birds. Here, it’s a separate app for some unexplained reason since this really doesn’t provide a whole lot of new content. I still really like the art, but that doesn’t make a game fun or new. I personally can’t recommend this one since the original was far superior, but if you really REALLY wanted two Angry Birds on your iDevice, buy it?