Angry Birds: Star Wars Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

AB:SW's very own custom load screen
Main menu
Mission select
Good old Angry Birds cinematics, now with added Star Wars!
Level select
Tatooine Level. Note the pig Stormtrooper firing a laser.
Dagobah level
The gravity game play mechanic from Angry Birds: Space return for the Tatooine Space levels.
For every 10 stars that the player earns, they will receive 5 Millennium Falcon bonus powers.
Death Star level
Hoth level
The game's stylised pause screen
Level Clear screen

iPad version

Main menu
Chapter selection
Angry Luke Skybird
Level select
Angry Birds on Tatooine
Level cleared.

iPhone version

Title screen
One of the level selection screens
The lasers can knock your angry bird off course
The yellow birds can shoot lasers too
Gameplay resembles both the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space
5000 points for some destruction!
The pink bird can pull objects
Pink bird in space
The red birds have light sabers
How do I reach those pigs at the top?
A bonus level featuring R2D2