The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
Intro shot 2
Starting the game
The fairy will annoy you for a while explaining the obvious basics
Stage select screen
Castlevania-inspired stage
Tried to use alternative weapon and was killed
Entering Happy fun candy time stage
Despite the looks the stage is full of spikes and other hazards
8-bit gore
Futuristic stage
Playing as guitar guy
Snow stage, playing as Shitpickle
Playing as Mike
Art is quite appealing in some spots
Welcome to hell
Flying skulls
Fantasy stage
Super Pitfall reference. AVGN fans will recognize it immediately.
Atari porn
Haunted house stage
Limited range of vision adds to the difficulty
Lost a life (the "quotes" are generated semi-randomly)
Game over (quite emotional)
Disappearing platforms
Guitar guy
Hidden characters
Boss fight
Blood fountain
Tits jumps
Bullshit man
Take special weapon
Hidden level
Jump on bubbles
Rainbow lasers
One of the most annoying moments
Dissapearing deadly blocks