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Official Nintendo Magazine
Naturally, however, the people who will get the most out of the game will be those who have never played an Animal Crossing game before. If you fall into this category and the game is guaranteed to be an entirely new experience then it's one of the most essential Wii games out, and one of the most involving games you'll ever play.
Jedes Spiel hat Freunde und Feinde, bei keinem Spiel gehen die Meinungen jedoch so stark auseinander wie bei Animal Crossing. Generell kann man sagen: Wer dem niedlichen Stil und dem rudimentären Spielprinzip nichts abgewinnen kann, der sollte die Augen nach anspruchsvollerer Software offen halten, die ihm vielleicht mehr Aufgaben vor die Nase setzt. Jeder andere bekommt jedoch ein Spiel geboten, welches nicht nur zum Entspannen dient, sondern durch die liebevoll ulkigen Sprechgewohnheiten der Dorfbewohner begeistern kann, durch die immens hohe Anzahl an Möbel- und Kleidungsstücken den Sammeltrieb weckt, den wir sonst nur durch Pokémon-Spiele befriedigen können und über die Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection einen ungeahnten Spaßfaktor mit sich bringt. Ich jedenfalls liebe es, täglich für ein paar Minütchen in meinem virtuellen Dorf vorbeizuschauen – dort, wo die Welt noch vollkommen in Ordnung ist.
Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City on erikoinen tapaus. Se ei edes yritä iskeä alussa kuin sadan tonnin rekka, vaan maailma opettaa pitämään itsestään vasta ajan kanssa. Alkukakistelun jälkeen opin nauttimaan rauhallisesta tapahtumien tarkkailusta ja miedon addiktiivisesta yllätysten etsimisestä. Pitkän linjan faneille Let’s Go to the City -inkarnaatiossa ei ole dramaattisia muutoksia, mutta itse ajattelin vierailla kylässä pitkin vuotta ihmettelemässä maailman menoa.
Au final, Animal Crossing Wii représente en-soi une bonne expérience (dôtée d'une durée de vie quasi illimitée qui plus est), à conseiller principalement à ceux qui ne possèdent pas la version DS. Le tchat vocal (possible grâce au micro Wii Speak, vendu séparément) et autres petites nouveautés (Centre-Ville, quelques objets ou habitants inédits...) auront par contre bien du mal à convaincre les autres. Car, il ne faut pas se leurrer, il s'agit simplement de la version DS portée sur la dernière console de salon de Nintendo. A quand un vrai nouvel opus ?
Ultimately, the trouble with Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City isn't what's actually been delivered, it's what hasn't. There's so much potential in the franchise that it's disappointing when Nintendo doesn't seize the opportunity to expand on the series. Realistically though, disappointing doesn't make a bad game and, in truth, bar a few reservations, Let's Go to the City is just as good as the excellent handheld forebear it apes so closely. Even if you've worked your way through previous iterations, it's as compulsively addictive as always although its easy to resent the familiarity of it all. Old-hands have every right to give this a wide birth but newcomers will find a thoroughly charming, seductively engaging package that won't just take over you life but leave you cowering at the mercy of the world's most sadistic raccoon.
It's hard to be down on a game that, when judged on its own merits, is great fun and addictive, but it's equally hard to look past the fact that this is essentially the same game we've been playing since it belatedly arrived on the GameCube. After the DS game it's also odd to be forced to play in front of a TV screen again, with the hop in and out nature of the gameplay just feeling better suited to a handheld. Still, newcomers will find this a lot of fun, while veterans are likely to find it hard to resist once again crossing with animals in their town.
Trotz der enormen Tiefe wirkt »Let's go to the City« wie ein Update. Die Figuren und Kulissen sind zwar putzig wie eh und je, aber sie erscheinen mit ihrem Mangel an Details reichlich veraltet. Wenn ihr bereits viele Tage mit den Vorgängern verbracht habt, erwartet euch bis auf den städtischen Marktplatz sowie die gut funktionierende Chat-Möglichkeit auch inhaltlich nicht viel Neues. Der von Nintendo auf der E3 versprochene Hoffnungsträger für Hardcore-Zocker ist »Let's go to the City« jedenfalls nicht - eher ein weiterer Aufguss eines äußerst unterhaltsamen Spielkonzepts. Mit mehr neuen Freizeitaktivitäten und zeitgemäßer Grafik hätten die Entwickler deutlich frischeren Wind in die Serie bringen können. Falls es euer erster Ausflug ins Animal-Crossing-Universum ist, erwartet euch aber eine äußerst entspannende Urlaubsidylle.
Animal Crossing war eines der ersten Spiele, das Nintendo bei einer frühen Wii-Präsentation für seine Konsole gezeigt hat. Ich frage mich schon, was die Entwickler seitdem so lange getrieben haben, denn Let’s Go to the City ist nicht viel mehr als eine Neuauflage des DS-Hits. Und der erinnerte schon frappant an das GameCube-Spiel der Reihe. So spassig und süchtig machend die Spielidee mit seinem Daily-Soap-Konzept auch ausfällt: So richtig motivierend ist es nicht, noch einmal die gleichen oder ähnlichen Aufgaben in einem gleichen oder ähnlichen Szenario zu absolvieren und schon wieder seine Schulden bei Nook abzustottern. Wer noch kein Animal Crossing gespielt hat, kann auf jeden Fall einen Blick in die tierisch-kinderfreundliche Alltagssimulation werfen. Nintendo muss allerdings gerade in Zeiten von Die Sims, Home sowie erfolgreichen MMO-Games aufpassen, dass Animal Crossing nicht weiter auf der Stelle tritt.
Game Informer Magazine
I gave the original Animal Crossing for GameCube a 9 out of 10. So why is this Wii edition leaving me bored and disinterested? Instead of a tearful reunion, it feels more like meeting an old high school friend and having that uncomfortable feeling that there’s nothing left to say. Sure, we had some good times in the past, but I’ve changed. Animal Crossing, on the other hand, has studiously avoided paying attention to any of the innovations that happened since its release in 2002.
Animal Crossing: City Folk looks, sounds, and plays a little too much like its predecessor on the DS to be worthwhile if you already own that game. The visuals are cute and colorful, but dated. The cheery audio isn't as impressive on the Wii in 2008 as it was on the DS in 2005. Furthermore, the gameplay is largely unchanged and, unless you're at home with your Wii at all times of the day, it's better suited to the DS. With all of that said, City Folk is every bit as engaging and entertaining as its predecessors and so, if you managed to miss out on those and have an hour or so to spare every day for the next year, you'd do well to move in.
Certainly worthwhile for fans and newcomers, this Let's Go to the City, but for the next version we do expect a lot more innovation, improved graphics and better accessibility of the decent online part.
After putting literally weeks and months into playing both the GameCube original and the Nintendo DS sequel, it was very disappointing to see that, after putting nearly two weeks into Animal Crossing: City Folk that very little effort went into the design beyond porting and enhancing the Nintendo DS game. If you’re entering into Animal Crossing with a fresh, inexperienced take: congratulations. You’ve got yourself a great, casual game with tons of things to see and do. Of the three Animal Crossing games on the market the Wii version is certainly the tops with its sharper visuals and voice-enabled online play. Animal Crossing: City Folk is a good game, but it is not a very good effort as a follow-up or sequel.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City ziet eruit, klinkt en speelt net iets te veel als zijnvoorganger op de DS om voor de veteranen van die versie de moeite te lonen er nog eens doorheen te gaan. De anderen zijn meer dan welkom in deze verslavende gameplay die je moeiteloos maanden lang dagelijks voor een half uurtje tot een uur naar deze wereld doet terugkeren.
Nintendo Life
Animal Crossing does add a few new bells and whistles to the experience, but it just doesn't feel like enough, especially considering how long the game has been in development. The formula is still there, it just feels too much like both of the previous releases and will likely create more of a feeling of deja vu in fans of the series rather than the cutting edge Wii experience many were hoping for. The game is still a lot of fun, and the addition of the Wii Remote controls and microphone are a nice touch, but ultimately this feels like a game that's been done one time too many and could have honestly offered up a lot more considering what the developers had to work with.
The Review Busters
Before you buy Animal Crossing: City Folk you better look to see if you own the last two Animal Crossing games. If you do then there is no real reason to buy City Folk. It is fun and the online play is good, but if you don’t have the microphone then you are shit out of luck. I would say wait on this title, however if you want the best online title from Nintendo then cough up the money at some point.
En passant sur Wii, Animal Crossing n’a pas beaucoup évolué. Les fans pesteront contre un manque certain d’innovations, mais ils apprécieront les quelques nouveautés qui ne trahissent jamais le concept de la série. Sur la console de Nintendo, le titre gagne malgré tout en profondeur et bénéficie d’un micro pour discuter avec des amis venus vous rendre visite. C’est à peu près tout. Animal Crossing : Let’s Go to the City n’a pas cherché à exploiter les fonctions gyroscopiques de la machine, les développeurs se sont contentés de se concentrer sur une base connue afin de la renforcer. Chiche, mais néanmoins efficace.
Simple copier-coller des versions Game Cube et DS, Animal Crossing : Let's go to the City décevra probablement la plupart des vétérans qui s'attendaient peu ou prou à voir évoluer le concept de leur série favorite. Néanmoins, si vous êtes néophyte et qu'une expérience bucolique vous tente sur Wii, Animal Crossing reste une valeur sûre.
Portage un peu fainéant de la version DS, Animal Crossing : Let's go to the City n'en reste pas moins un Animal Crossing, avec tout ce que cela implique. Les fans de la première heure retrouveront toutes leurs sensations en parcourant ce monde qu'ils affectionnent tant, mais seront sans doute déçus de ne pas trouver plus de nouveautés. Les antis ne trouveront toujours rien à se mettre sous la dent et pourront continuer d'éviter le soft. Les néophytes enfin, ceux qui nous jamais mis la main sur la simulation de vie de Nintendo et qui seraient désireux de la découvrir pourront de leur côté se jeter presque les yeux fermés sur le jeu. Un poil plus complet que les précédents opus, il demeure à ce jour le plus abouti des Animal Crossing.
If visiting and exploring a true cityscape had been the driving force behind City Folk then perhaps Nintendo would have dodged this particular review bullet. But, as it is, a bus ride and five minutes of extra content means the following score is thoroughly deserved for a game that looks, sounds, feels and plays, exactly like its 2002 original.
Worth Playing
Overall, Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii seems like it should have been held back until more work was done on it. The transfer to the Wii didn't add enough polish to justify a purchase in my eyes, so those who really want the Animal Crossing experience can go get the GameCube version for a steal and not really miss very much at all. I found the experience to get rather dull rather quickly, and online play simply was not enough to save this one from the bargain bin. Devoted fans who just have to own every Animal Crossing game should pick this one up, but everyone else should just keep moving.
Thunderbolt Games
Animal Crossing became a title that players would visit two or three times a day just to see what was happening in their village; were there any new residents, did a travelling salesman wander into the district, did Wonda reply to that letter I sent? Instead I’m not quite sure those who have done that sort of thing for the best part of a decade could carry on and still find the excitement that could be had in the days gone by.
UOL Jogos
"Animal Crossing: City Folk" parece uma versão maior e mais bonita de "Animal Crossing: Wild World", de DS, sem grandes mudanças estruturais ou novidades empolgantes. Para os fãs da franquia não deve ser problema, uma vez que o suporte online é consistente e a criação de comunidades se torna um ponto forte extremamente atraente. Já os novatos devem se aproximar com certa cautela, tendo em mente de que se trata de um jogo diferenciado, de gosto adquirido, sem grandes ambições ou objetivos, que pode se tornar extremamente monótono em pouco tempo.
Digital Spy
Despite the general negativity festering within this review, it should be affirmed that Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City is a great game well suited for the system. It is a whimsical affair that will hold you for weeks on end, and while you can't play for hours at a time you'll itch to catch up with your virtual neighbours whenever you can. The issue is that it's exactly the same as the DS version, with no meaningful overhauls to any existing elements. The improved online play and city environment make for a superior package, but they aren't enough of a step up, and can only be recommended for (as Nintendo surely anticipates) all those newcomers. If you've visited the majestic world of Animal Crossing before, there simply isn't much here to capture your interest.
Pour faire simple, il faut distinguer deux catégories de joueurs : ceux qui auraient déjà plus ou moins touché à un Animal Crossing par le passé et les néophytes curieux de découvrir la série. Pour les premiers, ce n'est pas bien compliqué, à l'exception d'une minuscule zone de jeu supplémentaire, d'un contenu un peu plus fourni (accessoires, choses à récolter, etc.) et d'un mode multi un peu retravaillé, Let's Go to the City n'apporte rien de nouveau à la série. En revanche, pour celles et ceux qui ne connaîtraient pas ou peu Animal Crossing, cette version Wii sera intéressante à découvrir et même sans doute géniale à jouer, puisqu'il s'agit tout simplement de l'épisode le plus complet de la série. Mais, quoi qu'il en soit, il est bien difficile de ne pas être attristé par l'attitude nonchalante de Nintendo ainsi que par sa fainéantise et par son manque d'imagination. Vraiment, cette version Wii méritait largement mieux que ça.
Game Positive
Nintendo has seen fit to take a three year-old DS game, pretty it up for the Wii, and tack on a few shallow features on top of an increased price tag. Animal Crossing: City Folk is technically the best game in the series, offering more in a single package than its predecessors. To returning players, however, there's not much reason to buy the game. Shallow gameplay and a failure to offer much new content leaves City Folk feeling like an insulting holiday offering that could have been far better.
Podsumowując gra jest dla każdego przedziału wiekowego. Nie oznacza to oczywiście że podejdzie wszystkim. Jak wspomniałem symulatory życia trafiają jedynie do zainteresowanych tą formą rozgrywki. Dla innych stanie się nudna, denna i dziecinna. Całość ratuje łącze internetowe, chociaż na tyle by zaliczyć Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City do średnio-dobrego tytułu. W USA tytuł pozycji brzmi „Animal Crossing: City Folk”.
That Gaming Site
It's everything you've already seen in Animal Crossing and little else. A lazy effort from the developers but it will find its place with fans of the series.
Ultimately, Animal Crossing: City Folk doesn't take any meaningful risks, sticking to essentially the same formula we've seen in the previous GameCube and Nintendo DS games. While those games were quite entertaining, and this newest version doesn't debut anything meaningful, we'd have liked to see something new from Nintendo this third time around. This is a franchise with unlimited potential but it still remains untapped.
Ultimately, it comes down to this: Do you really wanna spend the time doing all of the things you already spent so much time on in Wild World? And do you want to do them in almost the exact same ways? City Folk just seems like a huge missed opportunity?either that, or a lazy cash-in on Nintendo's newfound casual audience. If it's the former, they ought to just call it Wii Mortgage Payments.
Video Game Generation
Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Animal Crossing: City Folks. It’s almost exactly the same game, with few if any changes, upgrades or additions. There’s just no excuse for foisting the same tired product on the people at 6 year intervals, under the assumption that the target audience would have already grown up and moved on – cue a boardroom full of blue suited balding men greedily rubbing their hands together (“so now we can dump the exact same piece of crap on their little brothers and sisters, with no financial outlay for redevelopment…and no one will ever be the wiser! NYAH-HAH-HAAAA!!!). Interested parties would be better advised to go pick up a used GameCube and a copy of the original Animal Crossing, it’d be cheaper (and keep any profits out of the hands of this sort of individual, in the hopes that it discourages them from trying this B.S. ever again).