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GameCube version

Title screen.
A typical new player's own home: No style yet, and very little makes sense.
You are encouraged to keep good relations with the townspeople - most of them love to chat.
A typical NPC home that far outclasses player homes with their consistent style.
Tom Nook, the shopowner who sells everything from real estate to stationery.
Village post office.
You can donate all sorts of scientifically and artistically valuable things to the museum.
Officer Copper standing outside of the police station.
Fishing is one of the most interesting and profitable pastimes.
All sorts of insects and fish can be caught. Just be wary of the puns.
You can compose the "town tune", which is the leitmotif of all your town's inhabitants and the bell tune played every hour.
e-Reader: Importing a design from a card
e-Reader: Letter from a villager (Gaston) part 1
e-Reader: Letter from a villager (Gaston) part 2
e-Reader: Letter from a villager (Gaston) part 3
e-Reader: Importing a song from a card (Comrade K.K.)