Ankh Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title Screen
The Scarab King's Tomb lies within
The Scarab King himself
Our hero Assil walks like an Egyptian
Assil's room
Fun interactive conversations await
The desert

Nintendo DS version

Title screen with main menu.

Windows version

Main menu (Dutch version)
Beware of the curse!
Unusual restrictions
I wonder if they'll let me in.
You can leave Caïro by ferry, but you'll need to know a destination.
Underwater sequence: get rid of the crocodile guarding the entrance.
An unusual sphinx
The camp of the three Israelites, waiting for the exodus.
Meeting the pharaoh.
Assil is thrown into a dungeon.
You have to retrieve an artifact from the Arabian embassy.
A bouncer is guarding the palace's back entrance.
Thara won't come along until you get her a new outfit.
Assil just missed the birthday party in the Pharaoh's garden.
You need to solve a complex puzzle to summon Osiris.
In this section, you can switch between Assil and Thara to work together on the puzzles.
Press Tab while playing to see a list of all quests Assil needs to complete.
Outside the entrance to the Pharaoh
The inside of the sphinx is still under construction.
How do you sway a dog from hell?
Thara tries to wield the power of the ankh.