Ant Attack PC Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

The menu screen. Pressing B or G to select Boy or Girl changes the little icon

Release Zero
Here she is at the start of the game, looking for her sweetheart Release Zero
In this release the ants hunt in packs and are relentless. All five have gathered in this spot by the wall as the Girl walks by Release Zero
The Boy and Girl finally meet up

Release Zero
Well that didn't go so well. Game Over.

Release Zero

Windows version

The game menu

This version now has an introduction screen

Sure enough the game starts in the same place with the same city wall to jump over to find your partner v0.02.001
The ants are just as persistent as in the original game and Release Zero v0.02.001
Finally! Knowing that ants are paralysed when jumped on is one thing, achieving it is another. v0.02.001
Same ending as the original too

This release has a map editor and a feature that allows alternate scenarios to be loaded v0.02.001
This version allows some game customisation