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Set the skies aflame in the most nimble and deadly 'copter, ever! DOS James Taplin (3)

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DOS 16 3.7
Macintosh Awaiting 1 votes...
Windows 16 4.0
Combined MobyScore 32 3.9

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DOSHigh Score
Apache Longbow är förmodligen enda chansen för oss vanliga dödliga att få flyga denna avancerade helikopter. Den kräver dock rejält med datorkraft: minst en 486 och dessutom en avancerad joystick. Då är Apache Longbow ett rejät lyft i förhållande till alla tidigare helikoptersimulatorer.
Terrific flight model; countless options and missions; great gameplay. Explosion graphics could be more impressive. A flight game with broad appeal: Everyone from arcade players to sim hounds should delight in it.
Whether you're a serious armchair pilot or an arcade maniac who likes to blow the hell out of anything and everything in existence, Apache is the game for you.
Whether you're a serious armchair pilot or an arcade maniac who likes to blow the hell out of anything and everything in existence, Apache is the game for you. This helicopter combat simulation throws you in the cockpit of the Apache attack chopper and lets you duke it out in four different theaters: Fort Hood, Cyprus, Yemen, or Korea. In Fort Hood, you will learn the basics of helicopter combat. The other areas are full combat arenas where your training will pay off. In Apache, you can choose to fly single missions or opt for a full campaign in any of the three combat regions. A variety of mission types—ranging from escort to search and destroy sorties—can be flown in varied weather conditions and at different times, even at night. Apache looks great throughout, featuring graphics that accurately portray the surroundings without ever sacrificing system speed. Apache's gameplay is enhanced by a switch that allows players to toggle between a realistic flight model and an arcade mode.
MacintoshMac Gamer
Apache is an awesome helicopter combat flight simulator. Its realism, both environmental and physical, is astonishing and fun at the same time. The multitude of missions available plus the ability to play not only head-to-head but cooperatively are a pure joy and will keep you happy for weeks and months on end. Replay value is pretty high, because no battle is quite the same.
MacintoshJoystick (French)
En attendant l'adaptation de HIND, Apache Longbow s'impose comme étant la nouvelle référence du genre sur Macintosh.
DOSElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
I have always been really interested in flight simulators, but I was never really impressed enough to spend the time that a game of this genre deserves. I have to admit, I really took a liking to Apache right from the first mission. There are a lot of games that try to brag about what new technology was used to develop (the game and how good it is). Apache will sell itself on pure gameplay, realism and enjoyment. A great game overall.
DOSPower Play
Endlich wurde mein Flehen um eine State Of The Art Heli-Simulation erhört! Apache Longbow fliegt die (zugegebenermaßen reichlich angestaubte) Hubschrauber-Konkurrenz in Grund und Boden. Der geniale Missions-Planungsscreen. die coolen Kommentare Eures Bordschützen und nicht zuletzt das hyperrealistische Flugverhalten, fesseln den Spieler von Anfang an in den Pilotensitz des fliegenden Winnetous. Durch den Instant-Action-Arcade-Modus führen die Briten auch Spieler an das Thema heran, denen das Setzen von Waypoints und die Auswahl der Bewaffnung ein Greuel ist. Hier heißt es einfach: Ballern, was das Zeug hält, Im Multi-Player-Mode schließlich entwickelt sich Apache zum absoluten Arbeitszeit-Killer. Während der heißen Gefechte Redakteur gegen Redakteur, geriet manches Mal das Schreiben in Vergessenheit und Freundschaften gingen (fast) in die Brüche.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Macken gibt's nur im Detail: Der fetzige Soundtrack wird als ellenlange "Raw"-Datei von der CD gespielt und führt zu Ladezeiten von mehreren Minuten pro Mission. Hier hilft nur das Abschalten der Musik - schade. Außerdem hätte man die Grafik mit mehr Texturen aufpäppeln können; die 3D-Welt von Apache wirkt etwas steril.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
APACHE is clearly targeted for the “hard core” realism audience with significant emphasis on weapons, avionics, and flying. Like all simulations, Apache has some errors and concessions in the flight model; however, it generally gives a very good representation of helicopter flight. The game has excellent multiplayer options, including the ability to let two players fly together as a single Apache crew. While it may not qualify you to fly a real AH-64, it gives a better sensation of helicopter flight than any of its predecessors.
MacintoshHigh Score
Spelet bjuder på mycket fin grafik som kan ställas om för att visa fler detaljer om man har en burk som är snabb. Ljudet är lysande, lyssna bara på kulspruteknattret och förstå varför stridsflygare är balla gossar. Hela spelet är mycket väl uppbyggt och uppdragen presenteras proffsigt, med bland annat tredimensionella kartor. Detta är den roligaste helikoptersimulatorn vi sett hittills.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Mit Apache Longbow zeigt erstmals ein Softwarehaus eine SuperVGA-Grafik in ausreichender Geschwindigkeit. Mehr Innovationen konnte ich dem Spiel nicht entlocken, weder der Action- noch der Missionsteil kann in irgendeinem Bereich neue Akzente setzen.
This simulator of the Army's AH-65D Apache Longbow proves that its just not easy to fly a helicopter. This game lets you fly in Arcade mode, where you'll deal with just the battle scenarios, or in Realistic mode, where you'll deal with flight controls and realistic physics. Multiplayer mode completes Apache's features.
DOSWorld Village (Gamer's Zone)
I really hesitate giving Apache an overall rating of a 3. Had the modem play or TADS worked better, I would have certainly given it a 4. I still look forward to flying against multiple opponents at our next network party and I will continue to test Apache with Kali. Kali (check out my Multiplayer Mayhem column for more info) may support more than 2 players with Apache especially if used over a direct Internet Connection. Enjoy Apache and make sure you check it out in realistic mode. It's a BLAST!