Apache Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
There are five different play modes available.
You can start a campaign in Cyprus, Yemen or Korea.
The mission planner
Selecting the weapons for this mission.
Pilot's cockpit
Gunner's cockpit
Watching the Apache Longbow in flight.
Destroying some enemy tanks with the chain gun.
I can see almost nothing in this thick fog.
This SCUD launcher is my primary target in this mission.
Apache Longbow versus Super Cobra
Left-hand cockpit view
Playing the game in 3rd-person perspective.
I've taken damage, two MFDs are inoperable.
Watching a Hellfire missile on the way to the target.
Flying a night sortie.
I'm getting attacked by a F-16!
Looking down on a train.
Mission accomplished, time to land on the USS Tarawa.
External view of the Apache flying over Cyprus.