Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen
Episode selection
Each case begins with a cryptic intro.
Kristoph Gavin, your helpful mentor.
Your first case, so you are nervous.
Prosecutor Payne is once again your opponent during the first case.
Examining evidence in 3D. You can turn the item around, and sometimes examine specific parts of it.
Make a choice. Though, like in the previous games, usually you're rail-roaded onto the one right path anyway.
Cross-examination begins.
A dramatic "Objection!"
Arguing your case.
A map helps you fully understand the circumstances of the case.
The first witness giving their testimony.
Sometimes you need to point out a detail in a picture.
Dramatic closeup.
Case 2: Trucy, who is this game's Maya Fey equivalent -- the perky, silly, young female assistant.
Moving between locations.
There are a lot of colorful characters in the game, including this affable, but dangerous wife of a mafia boss.
Examining locations in search for evidence.
Browsing through your inventory.
The game features a lot of forensic-themed minigames. Here, you need to tap the screen to sprinkle the powder, then blow into the microphone to leave behind the fingerprint shape.
Trying to match the fingerprint to someone from your database.
Ema Skye is back from the fifth case of the first DS game, this time as an adult.
Each Ace Attorney game features a quirky, memorable prosecutor. In this game, it's Klavier Gavin, a German rock star (and your mentor's brother).
Cross-examining the witness.
Full-screen pictures such as these underline dramatic moments.
The judge is expecting an answer, and your life bar is going to take a hit if you make the wrong choice.
"Perceiving" the witness. You need to spot the nervous twitch they're making when saying a specific part of the sentence.
An animated representation of the crime scene.
The Judge's patience has its limits.
Another forensic minigame: fill in the shoe print with plaster...
...then, after drying it, use the roller to cover the plaster cast with paint.
Now just match the shoe print to a database entry.
Case 3: Trucy is excited to see Klavier Gavin's band.
This case features a short cinematic, which turns out to contain important clues.
Taking a look at the evidence gathered at the crime scene.
This is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous hairdo in any Ace Attorney game. Ever.
This mixing board proves to be very useful during the case.
Not everyone in this game speaks English.
Another cross-examination. The bracelet icon lights up whenever Apollo has a chance to use his Perceive ability. (Also, Ema's pouting is so adorable.)
A long shot of the courtroom.
Unlike most other prosecutors in the series, Klavier Gavin isn't your sworn enemy and you end up cooperating with him often.
Case 4. Here we just found some evidence.
Yet another forensic minigame. Tap the screen to spray the reagent until you find the poison.
Dialogue with a character.
Forensic fun continues: here you use the X-Ray scanner to find what's drawn on this canvas below the layer of paint.
Once you "perceive" a witness's nervous habit, it's time to confront them about their lie.
Vera Misham, the fourth case's defendant. A very shy and quiet girl that barely shows emotion.
Taking a look through your collection of peoples' profiles.
You'll see Apollo shocked and surprised a lot of times throughout the game.