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Overall, I have mixed feelings about Alternate Reality: The City. On the one hand, they've made it very hard to get off to a good start in the game unless you're lucky (or have played before), the mapping is unnecessarily difficult and tedious, the sound on Apple versions can't be turned off (I know one person who finally disconnected his speaker, he couldn't stand it any longer), and in the later stages, the game becomes a dull succession of combats whose only purpose is to raise your character's level. On the other hand, there IS much to explore and find, and many places that seem to have no purpose may become important later on as more scenarios are added. The turning of day to night and back again (with a sun that actually rises and sets), the passage of time in hours, days, months and years, clear skies and rain, are all good touches, giving a feeling of reality (no puns intended) to the game.