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Wie schon erwähnt, ist THE DUNGEON gegenüber dem Vorgänger stark verbessert. Sehr wichtig ist auch, daß man The City nicht haben muß, um THE DUNGEON zu spielen. Für Besitzer von The City wird THE DUNGEON wohl das Programm des Monats sein. Es ist zwar nicht perfekt und auch nicht so faszinierend wie etwa The Destiny Knight, doch Programme wie Legacy ot the Ancients steckt dieses Spiel immer noch in die Tasche.
Dragon (Jul, 1988)
Up to this point, we have a definite five-star game. So what's wrong with ARTD? Disk management. As with the Macintosh version, there is no way to copy the game to a hard disk should you wish to do so; this means you are constantly swapping disks to save your character as the game is played.
Overall, Dungeon is a big improvement over City, but it is still ultimately unsatisfying. Part of this is due to the scope of the game, spreading out over a total of six scenarios. Until the last one is reached, you're really just marking time in the game. You may be picking up clues and information, but the lack of a definite ending (which isn't possible in this setup) or of some specific accomplishment leaves a hollow feeling when the game is done. The lack of true puzzles also contributes to this feeling. The quests are pretty straightforward matters and there is generally little mystery about them or their completion. In fact, the most puzzling part of the game is apt to be figuring out what the various goodies do that you pick up. Perhaps, some of this cannot be helped in a game of such magnitude. Yet, surely the individual scenarios could have a little more meat, depth, and cohesive design to them.