The Arcade Machine Ad Blurbs (Apple II)

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Advertising Blurbs

Softalk magazine ad:
    The Broderbund Arcade Machine


    * Each time you use the Broderbund Arcade Machine, you will generate a new, copy-protected disk containing on it an arcade game of your own design!

    * Your games will have the following features:

    ..... Animated full-color monsters and other players as designed and drawn by you! (or select from a medley of creatures on the Arcade Machine disk)

    ..... Dramatic shoot-'em-up explosions and sound effects

    ..... Automatic scoring and high score features

    ..... Fast-loading auto-boot to title page

    ..... Colorful title page with your title and name in large graphic letters (like other Broderbund games)

    ..... One or Two player options

    ..... Several skill levels

    ..... Optional gravity effects

    ..... Menu driven for easy use, regardless of age or ability!

    * Your arcade programs are created entirely in machine language for fast and smooth arcade-quality animation.

    * 44.95 Requires Apple II or Apple II Plus with 48K and one disk drive.

    Ask your dealer or send check or money order to:

    Broderbund Software 2 Vista Wood Way, San Rafael, CA 94901 (415) 456-6424

    Contributed by John Romero (1462) on Sep 01, 2010.