Cannonball Blitz (Apple II)

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Written by  :  John Romero (1455)
Written on  :  Jun 08, 2005
Platform  :  Apple II
Rating  :  4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars

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The best Donkey Kong clone on the Apple II when it debuted

The Good

I still remember the day I played Cannonball Blitz - I just got back from an Apple User's Group meeting with my friend and we had some new games to play (those meetings sometimes turned into a pirate-fest). The two best games were Marauder and Cannonball Blitz. I was already familiar with Olaf Lubeck's work having played Jawbreaker already and as soon as I saw the Donkey Kong layout I was hooked.

The game reproduced the three screens in Donkey Kong (who could ask for more? It was a clone!) and did it very well although with a Revolutionary War theme to it. The sounds were charming and the animation was decent. I played this game quite a bit.

The Bad

The only problems with the game were its keyboard control, but that was typical of the Apple II. If you were used to controlling games with the keyboard on the Apple, this game wasn't any worse than the rest.

The Bottom Line

This is the closest Donkey Kong clone (other than Atarisoft's) you'll ever see on the Apple II. It won't ever happen again.......uh, because no one makes Apple II games anymore. :)