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Back Cover - C64:
    At 21.15 hours on the evening of May 16th 1943 a flight of specially prepared Lancaster bombers left R.A.F. Scampton for Germany. After months of planning and preparation Wing Commander Guy Gibson and his No 617 Squadron were at last embarking on an operation so daring that it would guarantee them a place in the annals of history.

    The mission would strike at Germany's industrial heartland. If the giant dams of Moehne, Eder and Sorpe could be breached, millions of tons of water would flood the Ruhr, cutting vital water supplies to steelworks and homes, flooding factories, power stations and farmland, and bring the important Mitteland Canal to a virtual standstill.

    Of course the successful conclusion of this raid is now legendary and the young men who took part are acknowledged as heroes; and now U.S. Gold in junction with Sydney Development Corporation and the International Computer Group are giving you the opportunity to relive the excitement, tension and drama of this famous operation.

    You will be able to play the part of PILOT, flying the Lancaster from Scampton to the target, NAVIGATOR using screens and maps of Europe, FRONT GUNNER, REAR GUNNER, BOMB AIMER and FLIGHT ENGINEER. You will have to fly across Europe at low level to avoid radar; look out for the deadly ME110 night fighters, dodge barrage balloons, searchlights and flak. At the target you will need all your nerve and skill to control the aircraft and release your deadly payload at just the right moment while avoiding enemy attack.

    Game Features:
    Superb graphics and sound, realistic joystick control, Pilot's screen and indicators, multiple screen navigators maps, front and rear gunners screens, bomb sighting screens, engineer's indicators, and much much more.

    The package comes complete with comprehensive flight instructions, maps, and confidential documents including authentic material by Barnes Wallis and Wing Commander Guy Gibson.

    Contributed by Jeanne (75584) on Nov 16, 2003.