Written by  :  Droog (522)
Written on  :  Aug 09, 2003
Platform  :  Apple II
Rating  :  0.25 Stars0.25 Stars0.25 Stars0.25 Stars0.25 Stars
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The Apple II version of Defender had none of the appeal of the arcade game.

The Good

There is not much to like about the Apple II version of Defender. At least all of the enemy ships were included.

The Bad

The graphics and sound were terrible and not even close to the arcade version. The animation was choppy and sometimes it was difficult to tell what you were shooting at or why you had just died. I felt like I was piloting a flying school bus with missiles rather than a sleek fighter spaceship.

The Bottom Line

Defender is a fast-paced side-scrolling action shoot-em-up where you must defend the men on the planet from capture by a bunch of deadly aliens. Unfortunately, the Apple II version does not live up to the reputation of this arcade classic.