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World War II naval action covering the pursuit of the German battleship Bismarck in 1941. Operational and tactical levels, with the latter allowing one to modify and create his own scenarios. However, poor graphics and game play do little to enhance the game.
There are several frustrations that keep the game from being as enjoyable as it could be. First of all, the strategic game is extremely slow during periods of poor visibility. Since the human player has a battleship that can't catch light cruisers, cruisers and destroyer flotillas and the latter don't close range unless a heavy cruiser or battleship has the Bismarck in visual range, there is no real reason to give a visual display after every minor contact. Also, the artificial intelligence doesn't allow the allies to fight unless they have numerical superiority or are so close to the Germans upon discovery that they can't escape. Nevertheless, the unnecessary visual displays and the long wait for loading the tactical program when not even one shot can be fired slows down the game considerably and diminishes the enjoyment of a potentially good game.