Empire I: World Builders Ad Blurbs (Apple II)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box:
    WORLD BUILDERS marks the dawn of the EMPIRE, where citizens of this still infant society harness their crude technologies, seeking to conquer and colonize the galaxy. As you enter this gaming system, you will join the pioneers... space travelers and scouts, relentless plunderers and honey-tongued missionaries, petty bureaucrats and their henchmen, asteroid miners and high-technology homesteaders. You can be any one of them... or all of them. Three overriding objectives govern your every move... Survive! Conquer! Prosper!

    • You will experience the worlds of EMPIRE through your characters. Use them carefully. Each will hold distinct physical and psychological trait, enabling them (and you) to meet the challenges ahead.
    • EMPIRE's gaming environment subjects your characters to the harshest facts of life and death. Calculate your risks wisely. A single wrong move may have bloody consequences. Surviving characters are stored to disk for use in future play.
    • Explore myriad worlds using EMPIRE's extensive English vocabulary.
    • Traverse weird and fantastic landscapes draped in 32 spectacular colors, thanks to a new, sophisticated high-resolution graphics system developed by the makers of INTERACTIVE FANTASIES (IFs).
    • Pilot your All-Terrain-Vehicle through treacherous swamps and rugged mountains, build a thriving community in the midst of a desert, or stalk the bizarre creatures that inhabit alien forests.
    • Retrace the EMPIRE's history from its inception to the time of World Builders in the soft-cover "Chronicle" (enclosed).
    • Enjoy. This system’s complexity makes for extensive and engrossing gaming.

    Contributed by David Mullich (393) on Feb 08, 2005.