Advertising Blurbs

From back of book:
    Dreaded news from the Sirus sector! Like a recurring nightmare, the monstrous menace has returned. With the memory of their last blitz of terror all too fresh, the hideous Vollchon battle machines once more threaten the galaxy.

    Only professor Klein, genius astrophysicist, possesses the esoteric knowledge to foil their quest for domination. But Klein is in danger, feared dead! And only one starship stands the slightest chance of saving him. The call for help goes out to the far corner of Sirus sector - to the colossal Starship Essex.

    What Is an Electronic Novel’?

    An Electronic Novel’ picks up where the printed word leaves off. A dynamic fictional universe begins - with you in the center of the action.

    You start each Electronic Novel’ by reading the first chapters of the story in this book, and then go directly to the screen of your home computer. The interactive adventure picks up on diskette, pulling you into an excitingly vivid, action-packed world. Your intuition and the choices you make determine what happens next, how the universe of the novel unfolds.

    Contributed by Belboz (6580) on Apr 02, 2001.