WalkthroughContributed by Katakis | カタキス (39506) on Aug 14, 2005.

Hi-Res Adventure #1: Mystery House
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])

The first adventure from Sierra, and the first one ever to combine text and graphics, Mystery House has the player figuring out who is killing the occupants of a Victorian mansion one by one and why. You must stop the killer before you become his/her next victim, and the only way out is locked until you do so.

You progress through the game by entering commands at its parser, and these take the form of a verb-noun sequence. Commands like this appear in bold type.

You start outside the Victorian mansion. Go UP to the porch and OPEN DOOR. GO DOOR to arrive in the entry hall where nine people are standing around. TAKE NOTE and READ NOTE to read some information regarding some jewels. When you are finished reading, DROP NOTE. Go WEST into the kitchen. LOOK SINK and GET BUTTERKNIFE. Now LOOK CABINET and GET MATCHES. OPEN REFRIGERATOR and LOOK REFRIGERATOR and GET PITCHER. Turn the WATER ON and GET WATER to fill the pitcher. Go EAST and SOUTH into the dining room. GET CANDLE. LIGHT CANDLE. LOOK and you will trip over and start a fire. POUR WATER to extinguish the fire and see a hole in the rug. LOOK HOLE and GET KEY you see.

Go NORTH, UP, and NORTH (x2). GO DOOR and you will arrive in the study. Here, USE BUTTERKNIFE to loosen the picture on the wall. GET PICTURE and PRESS BUTTON that was behind it. A section of the wall will open. GO WALL to enter the crawlspace. Go DOWN (x2) to reach the basement. GET KEY. WIPE ALGAE on the wall to reveal a brick. GET BRICK and GET JEWELS from behind it. Now GO HOLE, and in the tunnel, go NORTH and UP to climb to the top of the pine tree where there is a telescope. LOOK TELESCOPE to see a trapdoor in the attic.

Go DOWN (x2), NORTH, SOUTH to the forest. OPEN DOOR and go UP, EAST, UP, NORTH, UP. In the attic, GO DOOR to enter the storage room. UNLOCK CHEST with the small key and OPEN CHEST. LOOK CHEST and GET GUN from inside. Now GO DOOR to return to the attic. OPEN TRAPDOOR and CLIMB LADDER to the tower. Daisy, the killer, is here. KILL DAISY. When the game asks you with what, enter WITH GUN.GO TRAPDOOR.

With the killer murdered, it's time to leave the mansion. Go DOWN, SOUTH, and DOWN to the entry hall. UNLOCK DOOR with the skeleton key. OPEN DOOR. Go NORTH and DOWN.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Hi-Res Adventure #1: Mystery House. Now you can continue the next Hi-Res adventure, Wizard and the Princess.

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