Hi-Res Adventure #2: The Wizard and the Princess Screenshots (Apple II)

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Apple II version

The starting location
Watch out for snakes!
This snake is trapped under a rock.
There is a deep chasm here.
There is a little gnome here.
Crawling through a tunnel...
Maybe this parrot could be helpful?
Approaching the ocean; a lion is here!
A boat on the beach
Out at sea; I'm thirsty, wish I had some water!
Arrived on an island.
Attempting to climb to a tree house.
Inside a tree house; found a shovel!
Found some treasure in a cave?
There is a woman here in the mountains!
Neat, a rainbow!
Be careful on this rickety old bridge.
This cave sure is messy!
Beware of the giant...
Choose what you would like to buy carefully...
A castle; how can I cross this moat?
Inside the castle; which way to go?
Hmm, not much in the throne room...
Careful, it's a wild boar!
The wizard zaps me into an empty room.
This little bird is not an ordinary bird...