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Hi-Res Adventure #6: The Dark Crystal Credits

The Dark Crystal credits

By Roberta Williams
Based on a story by Jim Henson
Program development Ken Williams, Chris Iden
Edited by  Christopher Cerf
Graphics directorJim Mahon
Graphic artistsCarl Potts, Michelle Prichard, Greg Rowland
Instruction manualDoug van Aman, John Williams
Aughra's Song byJ.J. Llewellyn (Professor)
Project Manager for Henson AssociatesMary Ann Harstineger
Project Manager for Sierra On-LineRoberta Williams
Special thanks toMichael K. Frith, Donna Bass, Carolyn Kalett, Joan Cavalcante, Nan Edwards, Connie Fraser, Maureen Ruddy, Harriet Yassky, Greg Steffen, Mark Crowe, Ron Prusek

Gelfling Adventure credits

Programming byAl Lowe
Text and educational concepts byRae Lynn Macchesney, Mike Macchesney


Cover artwork byRichard Amsel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alaka (37235) and Pseudo_Intellectual (45476)