Hi-Res Adventure #6: The Dark Crystal Screenshots (Apple II)

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Apple II version

SierraVenture logo.
Title screen.
The game begins with Jen sitting in the Valley of the Stones.
Ursu is dying!
Impressive shadows here...
Yeah, Ursu really doesn't look too well.
Fell down into a forest.
A babbling brook may babble interesting things if only you listen...
This rock bears a secret.
A big swamp.
Captured! What's this? A hand holding an eye?!
Hmmm... which one is it?
Attacked by Garthims. RUN!!
The crucial moment were Jen meets Kira, another Gelfling. Could it be love?
Paddlin' through the swamps.
The Apopiapoipidiappididiapipoh, or Pod People for short, like merry-making.
The Garthims don't like merry-making.
Luckily, the village is only partially destroyed.
Watching TV can be instructive.
These landstriders really look strange.
A chasm blocks further progress.
Riding through a desert.
Garthims, again! Have they nothing else to do!?
Kira has wings. Jen hasn't.
An impressive face. Or maybe... a door?
Sneaking through a labyrinth.
Oh no! The evil Chamberlain grabs Kira and Fizzgig!
Alone now, confronting a horde of Garthim. I guess they don't want to play ping-pong.
Hope you're not acrophobic.
I've freed Aughra, and what does she do? Scolding me!
Hmm... which door shall we take?
Some feasting skeksis. Eavesdropping may be rewarding.
Some more tunnel-crawlin'.
Finally, the crystal!
It's high time! The suns are converging!
One last thing to do here...