King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne Screenshots (Apple II)

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Apple II version

The Beginning
As if...
Graham at the church
The dwarf is trouble. Get out of there fast
What the hell?
Hagatha's cave
King Neptune's underwater cavern
Aren't you supposed to go looking for the three keys instead of taking a swim?
Grandma's house
Game intro: Graham in now king, but he's lonely and wants a wife.
Outside Granny's house.
Walking along.
Near a lake with posinous water.
Walking around the lake.
A hollow log.
More forest.
A pesky little dwarf is nearby!
More of the countryside.
Water nearby.
Antique shop.
Near a mountain.
Walking along the mountain side.
Chasm nearby.
Crossing the bridge.
Across the bridge.
A strange door...