Advertising Blurbs

From the back of the cover sleeve:

    (Power - you know you love it.)

    Nice Guys End Up With Madagascar.

    Your goal is to conquer the world by capturing individual countries. Make treaties. Trade resources. Arrange alliances against the strong, or gang up on the weak. But no alliance lasts forever, so watch your back. Drop your guard and you'll end up on a small, obscure island - watching your "allies" divvy up your empire.

    A Great Strategy Game.

    * Choose your home countries and deploy your forces with care. When the time is right, launch an attack on your opponent's country. Take his gold. Take his dignity. But watch out for his revenge. * Attack and defend with three kinds of forces: infantry, cavalry, and ships for attacks across water. * Up to five valuable resources distributed throughout the world. Attack countries containing gold, timber, coal, iron, or herds, then use your new wealth to purchase additional forces. * 4 levels of difficulty. Infinite variations of force, transport, resources, and alliances for unlimited strategic depth. * You determine the luck factor. The better you are, the less you'll need.

    Better Than Any Board Game.

    * Computer graphics and sound. * An intelligent opponent for exciting one-player games. * Unlimited variety of game maps. Design your own, or choose from 19 built-in world like Today's World, Ancient Rome, or North America. All have unique strategic challenges. * The computer will generate unlimited random game maps. Set the amount of water, the number of countries, and their size. Create simple maps for beginners, or complex maps for advanced players. Save your favorites. * Fast game play. The computer counts the forces, resolves the battles, and handles all manual details -freeing you to concentrate on more important things - like crushing your opposition.

    Contributed by Belboz (6581) on Aug 20, 2001.