Written by  :  steve Lit (3)
Written on  :  Nov 30, 2004
Platform  :  Apple II

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Moon Patrolling Fracas!

The Good

I never actually owned an apple computer, but a girl who lived down the street from me fortunately did. The only other game she owned was strip poker, (a beguiling thought) and my poker skills as an 8 y.o. old were rather poor (Getting the woman to remove their winter coats was the height of excitement! ) - so it was moon patrol by default.

Well, what better game to have than moon patrol. We must have played this for an entire summer. The game play is quite wonderful, very simple: Go right shoot and jump things...Keep moving and try not to die. In end you're going right just for the sheer pleasure of driving that buggy across the screen and trying to beat your last score. Now tell me: Isn't that what gaming is all about? Who isn't captivated by the notion of driving a car around on the moon?

The Bad

Sure, the aesthetics, are well, simple. And the game is built around repetition. But what game wasn't back then? The fact you can play this game for extended periods of time before finding it monotonous is testament to it's addictiveness and fun.

The Bottom Line

An arcade-style humdinger of moon patrolling.