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Techtite (2000)
The "middle child" of Infocom classic spellcasting text-adventure trilogy, this was also the best of them all (IMHO), and another entrant in Techtite's list of Top 50 Multimedia Classics. Spells in the game were inspired as was the evolving story. Some amusing quips added to the fun, if you used too powerful of a spell for too little of a task. I remember using the quip "Kind of like opening a walnut with a sludgehammer, if you ask me," many years after this game was just a distant memory. Sure, the game's value is marred a little, via the lackluster finale of the end of the trilogy, Spellbreaker. That was one whale of a disappointment; this was not. If there was a move to start making text adventures 3D accelerated upgrades, this would be my first vote.
In spite of the game's age, I highly recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor and a hunger for adventure.