Techno Cop Screenshots (Apple II)

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Apple II version

The Beginning with credits of the original version
The Title screen with an impostor cop and conversion credits scrolling over him
Starting out with a driving scene. There is time limit!
This level looks, sounds, and feels like the Apple II port of Test Drive!
Still good for the old 8-bit Apple II, I guess
I bumped into somebody's vehicle, which almost looks like a monster truck
I am shooting with my car
Elevation and trees and sluggish framerate
Those roadsigns also look like they are from Test Drive... Hey wait, I am driving a pink police car!
Arriving to the sidescroller-platformer level... What, the protagonist looks like Steeve Keene from Accolade Comics?
A local citizen is greeting me at my arrival
The local heating system and some chunky, but acceptable scrolling
FIGHT! I took damage, but I managed to arrest the suspect with my net-gun!
There are some digitized sound effects when I jump... or more like sommersault, but I do not do it here, because I forgot...
I killed him, but the lady in the background just does not care. Why would she, there are a lot of blokes who look the same!