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Tilt (Jun, 1987)
Complet, sans être trop compliqué, ce jeu permet de combiner agréablement stratégie navale, terrestre et aérienne.
World War II in the South Pacific—a logistician's dream (or nightmare!). Complex and interesting, but it attempted to accomplish more than it could deliver. Recommended only to those with a specific interest in the period. For a better treatment, cf. War in the Pacific by the same designer.
WITSP is a good simulation, which I expect from Grigsby and SSI, but it is not an easy game to learn. Part of this is due to its complexity but I also fault the manual for not having any kind of tutorial or example of play. Even the inclusion of a few simple charts such as the two I've included here would make it much easier for a beginner to understand the relative strength and position of the forces. Sure, you can compile a similar chart in 15 or 20 minutes (once you know what you're looking for and learn the menus), but that takes hours of study. Anyone trying to learn WITSP deserves more help than they get.