Wasteland (Apple II)

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Wasteland Credits


DirectorBrian Fargo
ProgrammingAlan Pavlish
ProducerDavid Albert (Dave Albert)
DesignKen St. André, Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish, Michael A. Stackpole
Scenario DesignKen St. André, Bruce J. Balfour (Bruce Balfour), Daniel Carver, Chris Christensen, Elizabeth T. Danforth, Bill Dugan, Nishan Hossepian, Stance Nixon, Alan Pavlish, Michael A. Stackpole
GraphicsTodd J. Camasta
TestingDavid Albert (Dave Albert), Bruce Schlickbernd, James Bailey, Chris Wilson
Assistant ProducersJames R. Bailey (James Bailey), Chris Wilson
Art DirectorNancy L. Fong
Front Cover ArtBarry Jackson
Package DesignJames C. Blair
Screen PhotographyFrank Wing
Manual byZina J. Yee
Alan Pavlish wishes to acknowledge the followingBrian Fargo (for the original concept and letting us take the time to do it right), Michael A. Stackpole (for being such a great designer and for the many hours spent), Ken St. André (for his design work and the name ''Wasteland''), Todd J. Camasta (for being such a great artist), Elizabeth T. Danforth (for her excellent design of maps), Bill Dugan (Bill ''Weez'' Dugan (for pointing out stupid stuff I did and giving me some great ideas)), Nishan Hossepian (for the long hours spent coding maps), Stance Nixon (for even longer hours spent coding maps), Bruce Schlickbernd (Bruce ''Redbeard'' Schlickbernd (for helping redesign crucial parts of the game and hopefully finding every bug)), David Albert (Dave Albert), James Bailey (and), Chris Wilson (for playing the game over and over and over and over...), Rebecca Ann Heineman (Bill ''Burger'' Heineman), Troy A. Miles (Troy Miles (and)), Michael Quarles (for helping me cram in so much code in so little space; and), Manisha Patel (for her graphic assistance), Without any of you, Wasteland just wouldn't be the same. Thanks.

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