Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (US):

    The Dangerous
    Adventures, Daring Exploits,
    and Delinquent Behavior of
    Keef the Thief.

    STUNNING Scenes of Wealth Beyond Imagining!
    CUNNING Horrors in Dungeon Corridors!
    RUNNING Like a Bunny When Things Get Too Touch!

    In taverns, cups runneth over, patrons falleth over, and adventurers blabbeth over and over.

    Some folks are nice enough to leave their treasure lying around. . . but nasty enough to hide traps in it!

    Sneak through dungeons with ease, searching and stealing, using simple menus that show your options at every situation.

    Perhaps a drop of Dragon's Drool mixed with a sprig of Ward Weed will turn your foes into rutabagas!

    Arm yourself well: you'll need more than lockpicks to fight off drooling fiends and killer chickens.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on May 01, 2007.