King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne Screenshots (Apple IIgs)

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Apple IIgs version

Title screen.
Intro: Sir Graham is now King Graham... And don't you forget it, punk!
King's Graham's quest for a queen has begun... Maybe this whole thing would have been easier if he had tried on-line dating instead.
Pull down menu.
Save game menu.
A nice little house.
Inside grandma's house.
Sea shore.
More sea shore.
A description of an inventory object.
Near the poisoned lake.
Walking along the countryside.
Look out for the dwarf - he'll steal your treasures!
Inside the tree house.
Climbing down.
The dwarf's house.
All trees in the King Quest universe are nice until KQ IV... Then they'll try to kill you.
We're on a bridge, Charlie! Errr... King Graham!
The Door! (What is the Door?) The Door is everything! The Door controls Time and Space! The Door can see into your mind! The Door can see into your SOUL! (Really, the Door can do all that?) Heh, no.
Little Red Riding Hood.
Taking a swim in this nice little lake.
The door to the church.
Inside the chapel.
Antique shop.