Revolution '76 Credits (Apple IIgs)

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Revolution '76 Credits


DesignEd Bever (Ph.D.)
ProgrammingEd Bever (Ph.D.)
Screen GraphicsPatricia Puente Bever
Programming AssistanceSusan Barr, Sandra Lakin
Original MusicDavid Craft (Courtesy Intergalactic Development Inc.)
SoundDavid Craft (Courtesy Intergalactic Development Inc.), Andy Kanakares (Courtesy Intergalactic Development Inc.), D. Ezra Sidran (Courtesy Intergalactic Development Inc.)
DocumentationEd Bever, Michael Crowley, Morissa Rubin
PlaytestingJohn Stanoch, Mijalis Yannakakis, Susan Barr, Noah Callahan-Bever, Patricia Puente Bever
Special thanks toJohn Stanoch (for his support at a crucial time.)

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